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MISSION Statement: The National Board of Benefits and Pension exist to provide life, health, disability and other insurance plans to the Church of Christ Holiness USA and its boards and auxiliaries and employees. VISION Statement: The National Board of Benefits and Pension will seek to provide basic and voluntary life insurance and retirement planning for COCHUSA and its board and employees.



Providing workshops during the National Convention for the purpose of educating members about the necessity of insurance.Developing publications for distribution during the National Seminar and during the National Convention. Developing a webpage linked to the national page which will be accessible to the entire body. The rationale will be to better inform the national body of our services.

To assist the National Church in suggested ways to formulate and structure a healthy retirement plan for pastors and those who have given their service to the church. Develop committees to carry out and formulate the success of each approved recommendation.The completion of the memorial guide for the church organization

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